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My Favorite Tokio Hotel Bonus/B-Side Tracks

Hello Aliens, This week I wanna talk about my favorite Tokio Hotel bonus and b-side tracks. I always loved deluxe edition albums because first of all there are more tracks -  I can’t get enough of music - and then sometimes these songs are better than the ones included into the standard edition or they… Continue reading My Favorite Tokio Hotel Bonus/B-Side Tracks

2018, Dream Machine World Tour 2017/2018, Tokio Hotel

Treehouse Ticketing IG Post: So many of you have asked for it, we make it happen! Tokio Hotel will play a second show in Berlin on April 21st, 2018 💥 Get ready and grab your ticket! Sale for VIP and regular tickets starts on Tuesday March 27th, 2018 3pm CET. PS a couple of last minute upgrades for Moscow will be available, too #TokioHotel #dreammachine

SOURCE: Treehouse Ticketing Instagram