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Bill Kaulitz Replies After Several Messages Against Him To Have Left Pumba In The Car In The Last TH TV Episode

Instead to enjoy TH TV episodes and any other thing Tokio Hotel do, some people are so stupid to spend own time criticizing the guys and always finding something bad in what they do. The last one is against Bill: some “fans” complained for have seen Pumba alone in the car while Bill and Tom were shooting TH TV episode. I can say to have seen some of this rude and bad messages around the web: on YouTube and on Twitter.

Bill replied to them on YouTube, just below the last TH TV episode:


I had to leave a reply because he has to know my opinion:

“actually I never thought nothing of bad about that because I clearly know he is never alone when you are busy with other stuff, the same for Tom’s dog. Actually I don’t understand why there are people who thought something bad and threw you shit without thinking there could be someone with him while you were shooting for TH TV… I’m really speechless! You have been too kind to answer to these people, but I don’t think they got the message. tomorrow there will be something else to complain for and the story goes on and on for several years, there’s no a time everyone can enjoy anything you guys do that there’s always few people throw shit on you, this is really sad. Luckily I know you read our comments and I hope you appreciate the good ones and just leave apart the bad ones, I know they can make you feel upset, especially if it’s about your dogs or your family, I woud have the same reaction, just know you will always have my support because you are still supporting me since 2007. Love you so much, Always yours, Irene”

SOURCE: Tokio Hotel YouTube

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2 thoughts on “Bill Kaulitz Replies After Several Messages Against Him To Have Left Pumba In The Car In The Last TH TV Episode”

  1. Awesome reaction from Bill and also from your part to those stupid people who threw shit to Bill! Bill would never make something bad to Pumba and it’s clear that it must be someone who cares for the dogs when the boys are working. As you, I don’t think that those people will understand the message of Bill and they will complain about something else about the group. But our guys can make the difference between those ones who really support them 100% and the “fans” like you said. Total support for Tokio Hotel!

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    1. Yeah, I mean how can you think he closed Pumba in the car without noone? Windows could be a little bit down or there was air condition inside the car… It’s unusal thinking about he can do something bad to his dog when he’s so closed to him, the same for Tom, Gustav and Georg, all them love their dogs and take care of them. When I was in Milan for their concert, once it was over, they were busy with Great Day packages meet and greets, my friend and I were out the venue waiting for my friend’s mum and we saw Michael, Bill and Tom’s personal assistant walking Pumba and Tom’s dog.
      Some people have always to throw shit on them, since criticize them for Kings of Suburbia sounds boring now because it’s out for almost a year, criticize them for another thing. I don’t know why those persons still follow them, if you don’t like them anymore, just leave. It’s not a must to stay.

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