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Treehouse Ticketing IG Post: SCREAM Upgrade #DreamMachineWorldTour2017


“It all started with “Scream”! Are you ready to scream again? Then catch your “Scream” upgrade on the 31th of Oct! This package includes our charming Treehouse Concierge Service, an exclusive VIP-pass and preferred entry. You will attend the soundcheck from Tokio Hotel and be part of a group shot with the band. This photo will also be posted on the bands Twitter account. On top you can shop merchandise with 10% off – crowd free. Stay tuned for the other upgrades… #screamupgrade #dreammachinetour2017 #tokiohotel”

SOURCE: Treehouse Ticketing Instagram



I love music, it's all my life and my best friend ever. I graduated in music also for this reason but mainly because I'd like to become a music producer or at least working in this area and maybe with my favorite artists and why not with Tokio Hotel. This band completely own my heart. I love to express myself with art, it's always been in this way. I'm really emotional, creative, stubborn, I always try to get what I want and I fight for realizing my dreams. From February 2016 until April 2017 I moved in Milan for following a post degree course in publishing and music production.

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