2017, Dream Machine, Tokio Hotel

Tokio Hotel – Dream Machine [Review]


Tokio Hotel’s Dream Machine is officially out.

Tonight, at midnight, I had the pleasure to listen to this new album with my Marley’s headphones and it’s been such an amazing experience. I literally travelled in another dimension trying to find something new and I felt a lot of great feelings.

Since the day Something New came out I thought it would be a completely different album even though you would always recognized Tokio Hotel by a verse or a key change.

Something New is the perfect opening track. With an intro that creates the right atmosphere (it’something I always wished to listen from Tokio Hotel and I thank them for made my wish come true). The intro is kinda quiet but hypnotic at the same time. You immediately understand to be in an another dimension, like you were in a sci-fi movie or in The Man Who Fell To Earth expecting to spot David Bowie watching several TVs in the same moment. With Something New starts the research of yourself, of a part of you that you probably never known. It’s the beginning of the dream machine. Also Shakespeare used to say “We are such stuff as dreams are made on” and it’s not bad to dream, to aspire to find something new to feel better or to achieve your goals. After the intro, Bill starts to sing. His voice is shrouded by an echo and the lyrics express the wish to search for something new, to go on and don’t look back, to find something new in yourself and not only in what surrounds you. After the first chorus we have a little instrumental bridge followed by the second verse. The song keeps its atmosphere for the whole length until it explodes in the last minute with a crescendo of synth, effects and electronic instruments in which Bill’s voice is winded round.

With Boy Don’t Cry we jump inside a melodic structure commanded by an obsessive beat for almost the whole track, in the central section are added some synths. The boy of the song is lost and is asking for some help, a commander who guides him when this girl appears reassuring him to don’t cry because it’s such a beautiful night. In the second part of the song it seems also the girl is lonely so the boy tries to support her saying to stay with him and dance together. I like they used the German word “tanzen”, I think it’s cool, it fits with the melody and the verse and it’s not the first time Tokio Hotel use a German word in a English song (remember “They turn everything you love into verbot” of Darkside Of The Sun?).

The dream goes on in Easy, where Bill sings about a lost friendship and thinks about all the good old times, how everything was easy. I reflect a lot in some of the lines of this song because I had few friendships I felt it could last forever but unfortunately they didn’t and sometimes I use to think about them and how it could be if I was still friends with those persons. The melody reflects all these thoughts. It starts like a ballad but then it charges up with a crescendo until the release of the chorus. In some moments, especially in the pre-chorus, it reminds me of some of the last Linkin Park songs.

What If is the perfect 80s disco song, it seems like you come into a club when the first seconds are playing, and since the first time I listened to it I thought about Black Mirror’s episode San Junipero (one of my favs). It’s a catchy song, you have to dance on it every time it starts to play. There’s a lot of Daft Punk vibes. The song talks about love at its fullest: “What if I would love you till the end? You would never be alone again“. A love that is lost in the following song, Elysa, a heart breaking atypical ballad in which Bill puts all the pathos in his voice. It starts with a serie of questions – harmonized by the piano – that probably will be unanswered since this person seems to be passed away (“cause you left to the stars, my world felt apart now that you live in the dark“) followed by the sense of fault to “have told that you were the only one“. The melody combines with all this struggle and it appears suspended in the pre-chorus for then mixing in the chorus. While the synths appear in the central part of the song.

The title track Dream Machine dries our eyes and we are ready to “come on board and leave all the rest behind“. A whip of drum left the place to Bill’s voice singing the first verse of this song that has a sort of Daft Punk ft. The Weeknd reminiscence until a bridge of synthetic strings (that remind the ones included into Dream Machine Tour trailer) comes in. With this song it opens the side B of the album and it’s a constant rise of amazing songs with a great production. Cotton Candy Sky is a midtempo song – with an intro that reminds a lot of Boy Don’t Cry – focused on the wish to be able to do anything, be yourself, at least “for a while” and to be the owner of the night because “we ain’t gonna no sleep“. Better is set in downtown and it’s a conversation between two persons that even though still love each other, one of them tries to appear stronger and says to the other to be “better off my own” and things couldn’t work because “you’ve always pulling we down“. The song opens and closes with the scratching of a vinyl giving the perfect atmosphere. In the chorus the track explodes with the declaration to be “better off alone“. As Young As We Are is one of the best tracks of the album and it deserves to be the next single. It has a really interesting melodic structure, starting with a dark and unknown atmosphere for than finds a gleam of light. We are still in downtown, the place “to try to down all the fears“. In the chorus it expresses, in some way, the wish to die as young as we are since we’ve been on earth so many times, a sort of analogy of the fact we went through so many things in our life and we had to start again at least once, doesn’t matter if we are teenager or adults. Even though we have only one life, in the course of it we lived so many different situations and we learned from the past but the fact to die as young as we are can represent the fact to be remember always young, beautiful and carefree, in your golden age. In the special of the song it seems that that something new searched for in the beginning of the album has finally come and “pop up the bobble” and probably you are ready to start again a new moment of life. Stop, Babe closes the album. We are at the end of this journey into the dream machine. It doesn’t have long lyrics but every word counts a lot in each verse. This song expresses the feeling that sometimes you have to leave even though you love someone because probably it’s not the right time or the right place. You have to move on even if it hurts. It reminds a bit of Hoobastank’s “The Reason“. I think the band will close the live with this song just like happened with Great Day in the previous tour.

Tokio Hotel keep evolving in the music process and I’m so proud of these four young men. They expressed more than once that this is their dream album and they put heart and soul in this project and you can definitely listen it. The production level is really high, probably more than in Kings Of Suburbia. Even though I don’t like to compare albums because each one has its own story and it was released in a specific time, if in Kings Of Suburbia Tokio Hotel brought the US club life into the album, the experience they had, especially Bill and Tom, leaving in a foreign country, and evolved the path they already started with Humanoid, with Dream Machine they looked into themselves, revealing a new side of them. It’s more a self-examining work, even more mature, probably due to their age. Definitely it deserves to be listened to with headphones for don’t miss all the shades that surround every track.

Can’t wait to come on board of Dream Machine on March 28.


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