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Tokio Hotel – Dream Machine World Tour 2017 Live in London [March 12, 2017]

Risultati immagini per tokio hotel koko london

Capacity: 1410

Check in time for VIP upgrades:

Room 483 – 2pm
Kings Of Suburbia – 4:30pm
Scream – 4:45pm
Humanoid – 5:30pm

Doors open at 7pm

The boys arriving at the venue:

The merchandising stand:

Favorite Gustav songs are Better and Easy

I asked Bill what the message behind Something New was and he said it’s about starting over, beginning something new, getting rid of the past – like when the threw away his personal things – and reborn again. How the earth part was about being born again. He mentioned how he was stripping (lol) and that was bcs it was about starting over, becoming a new person etc. And he also said thatthe naked parts and that it was not about getting NAKED but it was about showing your natural self. – via @partehnbullshit

Tom was wearing the medical mask while he was shooting the photos with fans during the m&g with fans

Why they didn’t put Dream Machine in the setlist?

Something New is the opening song followed by Boy Don’t Cry


(via )

FULL GALLERY [credits to the owners]




Bill to the audience: “You look so f*cking beautiful!” and he says thanks for coming out. – via @TokioHotelGER


They answered my question! I asked how Tom did his man-bun! And of course Bill had to intervene and be like “he spends 2 hours in the bath”but Tom said he usually just gathers the hair and then its done. He will make a video about it as his first insta video! -via @chili2312

Gustav said if he could relive any day of his life, it would be his daughter’s birth but doesnt think his wife would want to relive it. – via @queenof483

Somebody asked if they were nervous about tonight, to which Bill answered in the squeakiest voice ever lmaoo “a little”  – via @novemberregen_

They didn’t play and because there would be too many songs with the same sound and tempo. (Q&A )  – via @TokioHotelGER

is about someone who dies in the end. (Q&A )  – via @TokioHotelGER – AMEN! It was pretty clear! “you left to the stars” what the hell could ever mean?

Bill believes, that are living in the ocean. (Q&A )  – via @TokioHotelGER



Bill said it was nice that people enjoy their music and take them seriously but they actually don’t care about others’ opinions  – via @ApfelTHS

They also said they were sorry some people don’t like their new music style but they needed to evolve & that’s how life is going  – via @ApfelTHS


I asked Gustav how would he describe his first year as a father I asked Gustav how would he describe his first year as a father “you watch this girl grow up and everyday is a new day” and then bill said Gustav was glad he was getting more sleep (cause the baby is not here)- via @Kaulitzlover_Oo

Tom said TH’s keeping him busy but he works for other artists too & for personal projects but didn’t seem to wanna talk about it  – via @ApfelTHS

via @xoxorhea


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