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Tokio Hotel – Dream Machine World Tour 2017 Live In Brussels [March 13, 2017]

Capacity: 2000

Check in time for VIP upgrades:

Room 483: 2pm
Kings Of Suburbia: 4:30pm
Sceam: 4:45pm
Humanoid: 5:30pm

Doors opening at 7pm

Thanks @hemmsbonner for the pic of Georg:

via @ABconcerts



via @KimiTomiDoll

I asked if they considered to play ich bin nicht ich, and tom said he heard that before that people wanted it and then Bill nudged him saying I wasn’t done talking yet. And they were really surprised people liked it so much. But they didn’t consider it because 1. No english version and 2. Tom wouldn’t know how to “update” it and make it cool. The first thing Tom asked the others was “is there an english version of that” so it was probably a criteria  – via 

The dogs are staying with Bill and Tom’s mother until Hamburg :3 – via 

via @xPrinz16

Guided tour starting now  [3:44pm] – via 

Also Gustav’s fave older song is Beichte apparently but he said that just to troll Toll. B and T were laughing kind of embarassed about it haha – via 

Georg asked B what flavours the ice Cream on his leg had, B said it was all vanilla and Georg should know cuz they lick it often  – via 

They were so sweet and I think everyone had a chance to ask their question. They’re so kind you can’t imagine till you meet them  – via 

via @Bedk01

Tom is stil sick and said no when fans asked to hug him during the KOS M&G – via @TokioHotelGER

OH MY GOD WE JUST HAD THE FIRST BACKSTAGE PART AND IT WAS THE BEST. they were in such a good mood .We hugged everyone when we went in (except for Tom) and Bill was all smiles. I talked in German and Gustav and Bill were super enthousiastic , Bill was like “oh you speak German?” with the biggest smile on his face. then we asked a few questions, they played Black (and Bill was constantly looking into my eyes I thought I was going to die). We had so much interaction! It was awesome, I asked both Bill & Tom a question (Tom’s not feeling better yet but at least he made jokes). We’re waiting for the soundcheck now! – via @Margonthedge

Humanoid packs entry now  – via @TokioHotelGER

via @BrittMx

via @PrinceZsLife

via @BrittMx

Tom said during the acuistic song that he is feeling better today – via @BethMein

via @THWonderland

Lights are out! – via @THWonderland

 Bill is speaking to the crowd after FIA

“‘We are so happy to be back, you are so fucking beautiful”  – via @forum_th_ru

The queue at AB today HERE


 I talked with a security member of the venue and he told me Tokio Hotel has the worst organized crew he has ever seen. The band had a one hour and half of delay on the schedule. By the way he liked the concert – via @xPrinz16


via @THOIF_Official

Cute moments: Tom and Georg singing along and Bill singing the musical parts  – via @LaurBev_DefSqd

Tom singing along with ‘Stop, Babe’ – oh it was so cute  – via @LaurBev_DefSqd

via @xPrinz16

via @Petraki60

 FULL GALLERY [credits to the owners]


via @QueenCindyyy



Bill also said that Georg has the worst taste in movies. F
ans asked the guys to say something in French. Bill said: “voulez-vous coucher avec moi” and Tom “je mets mon penis dans ta sale petite chatte”
the guys were asked what’s on their bucket list. Tom said that the list from the deluxe box was a mix of his and Bill’s list Georg wants to backpack through Iceland for a month without any phone or internet & Gustav said something about his daughter.
“What’s the first thing you do when you’re back in Germany?” Bill: “eat plum cake from my grandma!” Georg and Tom patted his back and said “Bill likes plum, we’re proud of him”.
Tom took off his sweater during the Q&A and Georg started whistling.
someone asked Bill if he could demonstrate his dance movies (since he took dance classes), Bill said he couldn’t dance without music and that he would do it if Georg sang Stop, Babe.

via @Margonthedge


Bill said he would be interested in a girl who could make him potatoes because he loves potatoes and fries
Bill and Tom argued over Tom taking Bill’s tea and drinking it. Amd then Bill spilled champagne on himself.
11 & Dustin are Bill’s favorite Stranger Things characters.
– via @queenof483

Bill was so excited about his new microphone during soundcheck, announced it was new and had arrived that morning. so cute. – via @amieewhitney




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