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Tokio Hotel – Dream Machine World Tour 2017 Live in Nijmegen [March 18, 2017]


Venue: Doornroosje | Capacity: 1100

Check in time for VIP upgrades:
Scream: 3:30pm
Room 483: 2pm
Humanoid: 4:45pm
Kings Of Suburbia: 3pm

Doors opening at 6pm



Ahahahaha asked my question in german . We were around 30 people and everything was quite chilled. Asked them to prop up on my shoulders cuz big people do this. Tom said, wirklich, ist das so and Gustav: ja das kann ich bezeugen – via @19Daydreamer89


Stagetour now [3:10pm] – via @HelloLeonie

I sat front row with the Q & A. OMG! The guys are so sweet – via @wendy_niezen

Scream is at the soundcheck! – via @TokioHotelGER

Looks like the concert is in the small venue with 400 people capacity – and it’s not sold out. – via @TokioHotelGER

Q&A: Bill doesn’t like to get hugged by everyone; sometimes it’s okay, sometimes he doesn’t like it. – via @TokioHotelGER

Q&A: Bill was joking, if he could change something about their fans, it would be that they don’t sing in German anymore – via @TokioHotelGER

Tom threw his drumstick up in the air and suprise it hit Gustav – via @JessReignBeau

Tom said if you’re unhappy with your life you need to change everything, even if it’s hard. – via @TokioHotelGER

Tom’s drumstick, signed by Tom. the guy is an angel! Sweetest, most patient guy ever! – via @QueenCindyyy

If Tom was a girl for a day he would be ariana grande – via @HelloLeonie


FULL GALLERY [credits to the owners]

the most desperate thing Bill has done for love is that he forgave someone who cheated several times. – via @TokioHotelGER

via @LuDunkel_TH

Bill said if he’s down he’s trying to get his head free, so he takes drugs. – via @TokioHotelGER

Bill doesn’t want to collaborate with Taylor Swift – via @TokioHotelGER [thanks God]



via @THOIF_Official


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