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Tokio Hotel – Dream Machine World Tour 2017 Live In Lyon [March 22, 2017]


Venue: Le Transbordeur | Capacity: 1800

Check in time for VIP upgrades:
Scream: 5pm
Room 483: 2pm
Humanoid: 6pm
Kings Of Suburbia: 4:30pm

Early Entry: 6:45pm

Doors opening at 7pm



via @Melany_withay


“Do you still believe in true love ?” Bill : “hm… yes i try” Tom : “… he’s slowly growing up…” – via @xDwight

Scream VIP out.They played black, cotton candy sky and something new. Bill and Tom made a cute twins moment in ccs b/c they laughted. – via @ogth

At the start of the soundcheck bill said that it was so cold inside – via @ogth

We are at least 100 people with scream VIP and more than 110 humanoid – via @ogth

via @ogth

Bill’s big dream is to be part of a movie, he really wants to do that – via @xDwight

There are going to be other singles of Dream Machine & other videos as well. They really want to “work this album” during the year – via @xDwight

After one of the group pic Tom said “merde” and after another one, “awesome” – via @ogth

At the start of the soundcheck The boys saw some papers of another concerts in the stage floor and Georg said to Tom “it’s spring” – via @ogth

via @THOIF_Official

To the question : “what’s your biggest inspiration ?” Bill answered ironically “my fucked up love life” – via @xDwight





via @ogth

FULL GALLERY [credits to the owners]




We yelled but Gustav didn’t do the ola – via @THWeMissYou

Fans were pushing A LOT during easy, I went from 3rd row to 1st row but honestly that was horrible – via @THWeMissYou

This thing is in the hall and even who doesn’t have a pack is here – via @noshivers

Tom and Georg where having a funny fight on the stage after the show. Soo cute – via @noshivers


Bill signing “sur le pont d’Avignon” in Lyon. It’s sooo cute!!! – via @ogth


We went at the venue at 3pm or something: everyone was chill, everyone was nice, we met people from everywhere and the time went by so quick. You know, there are always moments that makes you feel stressed or uncomfortable: there were NONE. Even when they opened the doors. Seriously everything went so smoothly I’m still shocked. I saw no one running or being aggressive. No. One. Lmao @ the foreigners on twitter saying Lyon has a bad reputation because of fans because you were obviously not there :’) Also lmao @ people saying TH are dead because the venue was PACKED. So proud to see all the people that became adults with them ;-; You don’t know what they did during all these years? They WORKED. Bill vocals ?!!!! Tom, Georg and Gustav improved so much ?!!!???!!!? At some moments everyone was silent and just listening to the music with an immense respect and that was so. Touching. – via @masheashi

via @THOIF_Official


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