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Tokio Hotel – Dream Machine World Tour 2017 Live In Munich [March 31, 2017]


Venue: TonHalle München | Capacity: 2000

Check in time for VIP upgrades:
Scream: 5:15pm
Room 483: 3:30pm
Humanoid: 6:15pm
Kings Of Suburbia: 5:15pm

Early entry: 6:45pm

Doors opening at 7pm




I asked guys if they have any weird habits or fears.. Bill said he dont like smal animals like rabbits or rats but hes okay with Crocodiles and any big animals .. – via @DanaDzenita

Tom answered for Bill and he told us that Bill has this habit that he doesnt finish hissentence. And that he says something like: dudududu which means like etc.. and Bill said: yea i always say that to tom bc he knows What he means. And Tom said: yeah. – via @joosephinex

A fan made them wear party hats and funny sunglasses and Tom looked so fucking cute with that glasses and he had the hat on his shoulder – via @joosephinex

Bill never wached “Star Wars” except one episode with Natalie Portman – via @forum_th_ru [same, Bill, same!]

We sang Happy Birthday to Georg when the boys came in for the Q&A – via @joosephinex

For the pic i asked Bill to switch with Georg and he was like “switch?” And then i was like: “yeah i want a torg sandwich” &tom said; GREAT – via @joosephinex

like 80% of the Q&A was in German so there were a few questions i didn’t quite get but they laughed alot and that was cute – via @joosephinex

a fan asked what the cutest thing is what their dogs do and they answered: •Tom: my dog moves his head when i talk to him, he is really smart. and definitely the smartest dog of the band. Georg disagreed and said; no, not true! Bill said that Pumba always wants to cuddle and every morning Pumba puts his paw in Bills face and he always look him in the eye, which is rare for a dog. he is reaally happy that he’ll see pumba again tomorrow. ; it was sooo cute. Tom and Georg said that Pumba bites and Bill was like; “NOOO he would never bite anyone!!!” And G&T were like; uhu right…..  – via @joosephinex

Bill also said it was his dream to build his own house. And then Tom added “Yeah to design it.. not with his own hands…” – @Kimvaded

Gustav has such bad back pain and he doesn’t know why – @tomandtheband

We gave Georg toilet paper with “30 and sexy” on it. They all loved it. – @tomandtheband

Soundcheck was probably the best thing ever. Tom sang his part in CCS and Bill couldn’t hold back the biggest laugh. so cute. And during Something New, Tom and Georg looked at each other with the biggest smiles. Gooood I think I died. Torg. And someone was taking pics and had to leave lol. Follow the rules, people. – via @LitenSpindel

via @HazelKVL

FULL GALLERY [credits to the owners]

Singing Black is kinda hard when everyone around you sings Schwarz.. Bill sang all English tho.. said it was Georgs bday wish – @Kimvaded

Favourite part of the show: Tom’s hair got loose during Easy and kept falling in his eyes – @LitenSpindel

When I was supposed to take my photo, I got super nervous and hesitated. So Tom gave me a little wave to come closer. I asked Bill “Can you hold my sheep?” () and he looked a bit surprised but then happily said “Oh, sure!” Then afterwards, the woman taking it said something, but I didn’t understand so I turned around, confused And Tom looked at me and said “No you’re good” *big smile* and Georg said “You’re fine” *smile* So while I feel like the most confused person in the world, for a few seconds, they saw me, and talked to me. And I’m so happy – 

Bill said they wanna play “ich bin nicht ich” in Riga – @unkreeativ I ask if they snore or talk when they’re sleeping. Georg said tom and bill are snoring really loud. bill: nooo I never snore. Tom: I snored because I was sick. And bill said he doesn’t know if he’s talking she he’s sleeping but sometimes he’s kicking – @unkreeativ



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