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Tokio Hotel – Dream Machine World Tour 2017 Live In Leipzig [April 1, 2017]


Venue: Haus Auensee | Capacity: 3600

Check in time for VIP upgrades:
Scream: 4:30pm
Room 483: 2pm
Humanoid: 5:15pm
Kings Of Suburbia: 4pm

Early entry: 6:45pm

Doors opening at 7pm



A girl asked if they could show a person that doesn’t know them one song of each album, which ones would they pick. Schrei: Monsoon | 483: Don’t jump | Humanoid: Automatic | KOS: LWLYB | DM: Something new. And all in English – via 

Someone asked something about old songs and IBNI again and Bill said “why do u want us to play this? This is music for children” – via 

The Twins will release their book during the summer hopefully. There will be two versions of it – via @STTHFrance

Sound is coming from the venue. – via @julz_bubblin

what are their biggest “What ifs”. They had to think a loooot about this. Tom said What if we wouldn’t have met our stepfather. And Bill is going to ignore the crowd and sing Black again. For Georg : Tom answered and says what if you wouldn’t have met us? And Georg approved. Gustav said nothing. Tom to Georg: What if you’d never have met Bill and me? And Georg said: aaand Gustav! Tom: you would be homeless under a bridge –  via  +  @STTHFrance

They could imagine shooting a film based on their book, Bill would love to. But since there will be two versions of the book Bill could imagine shooting two films. Bill thinks David Kross (a german actor) in his role. Tom has to think about it because he has to find to find someone perfect. Georg thinks Johnny Depp could be great in Tom’s role  – via @STTHFrance

Georg got a Tshirt from a fan, the front said smth like “I’m the best bassist ever” and the back said “And Tom Kaulitz approves” – via 

They don’t really think about a best of tour because Bill thinks they already play their best songs – via @STTHFrance

They think songs from the first album are too childish now and they don’t represent who they are now –  via @STTHFrance

How does Bill create their songs? Hé has the melodies first and then he writes the lyrics. They have many versions of each songs. Easy has for example six versions – via @STTHFrance

The guys are in such a good mood today, the Q&A was more chilled than usual and they seemed to enjoy the weather – via @unique___483

About the backstage tour : it lasted about one year to build the stage. Team point of view : the band is very professional and a little bit authoritarian they know What they want to do. After the show they debrief with the crew and say what went well and what didn’t.  – via @STTHFrance

About Bill’s tatoo on his arm (the mermaid) : it’s a love tatoo, about pure love without gender or differences – via @STTHFrance

Scream outside again. They played Black, Cotton Candy Sky and Something New for Soundcheck – via @julz_bubblin

The show has started – 8:45pm



FULL GALLERY [credits to the owners]

Bill: this is special gig for us in a very special city where we haven`t been to in a long time. – @TokioHotelUKST

Bill showed his middlefingers during Better at “no one liked you anyway” – @TokioHotelGER

You know it’s not 2005 or 2010 anymore when Bill says “I love when the audience is drunk as fuck”. – via @FinalJudgement

Somebody ask Bill if he consider that he has a drinking problem 😅😅 Bc it seems like it 🌚 and then he says is Gustav (he is tho😅) – @Mimearfer

Oh Bill. 🙂 “I like it when ppl are drunk at our gigs. Who`s drunk yet? *some cheering* Ok, I`d say we can do better than this. :D” – via @TokioHotelUKST

First chords of Black, Bill: this is a very special night for us. All of our family are here. so you have to be esp good. U have to sing…along wih us in English now. I had to promise gran that we`d perform this song in English. So be a bit nostalgic… in English.” So funny. ♡ – via @TokioHotelUKST

Bill ctnd: “We drank with some fans backstage already. They should be pretty drunk already.” XD –  via @TokioHotelUKST

After RRR, Bill” So how about the drunks? How are we doing? I think you should all be drunk in the end. Gustav is definitely drunk.Georg too – via @TokioHotelUKST


Aaaand it’s over…families were here ! Gustav’s daughter is so cuuute! – @STTHFrance

Bill and Toms grandma is such a cutie .we saw her (and their parents) for a moment after the show before they went backstage – @xcoveredingoldx

the Family/ friends from the boys were also at the Humanoid M&G – @th_believe




they were asked if they would play a show in Magdeburg again. They said sure but there’s not great venue there. Bill said Georg should build one because he owns half of Magdeburg anyway – via @TokioHotelGER


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