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Tokio Hotel – Dream Machine World Tour 2017 Live In Prague [April 3, 2017]


Venue: SaSaZu | Capacity: 2500

Check in time for VIP upgrades:
Scream: 5pm
Room 483: 2:15pm
Humanoid: 6pm
Kings Of Suburbia: 4pm

Early entry: 6:45pm

A couple of Room 483 and Scream packages are available on site through our concierges – via @treehouseticket

Doors opening at 7pm




When we were waiting for taking photos with a band, Bill came there and he tryed to make moonwalk or smt like that-it was so funny – @TokioHotel_CZ

Room 483: Everything had to be very fast because there are some problems with building the stage and so on. – @TokioHotel_CZ

Bill said he has his own TV in his room in tourbus but he watch it only once because he’s always too tired so he goes to sleep – @TokioHotel_CZ

Fan asked them what made them happy recently. Georg said he got a special gift from his girlfriend and Bill says of course Pumba – @TokioHotel_CZ

Guys were soooo kind. I can’t believe that I have a photo with them haha :)). They said me “hi” and “thank you” aaaaaaaa 😀 Their bodyguard and assistant were so kind too. – @TokioHotel_CZ

asked bill about the most meaningful tattoo and he said they all don’t really have a meaning, he likes the boxer and the helmet – @livingxhell

Bill said he likes this city (Prague). Yesterday was a good weather. Tom says there were aggravating followers. Just they don’t like these followers – they were walking through the city and they wanted to spend time alone, without fans. – @TokioHotel_CZ

Bill remebers the show from 2010 in Prague(Humanoid City Tour). But they had no hot food there and no pizza (Bill looks funny-sad) – @TokioHotel_CZ

she said them after soundcheck: ‘i hate you, i’m already drunk’ (she won 3 shots in Tom’s game). Bill started to laugh and said ‘it is supposed to be like that, you are gonna be okay before show’s start’ and then Georg said: ‘there were only three shots!’ – @forum_th_ru

guys said their vacation after the tour will probably be in Mexico. and when there will be 5 days off before Russia, Tom and Bill are going to spend all day long in SPA and massage. about Mexico Tom said that they wanna go there because the want to get away from european stalkers. She asked how they are getting through this and not getting tired. Bill said that it’s really tough, but he’s used to do it. during her third shot Bill laughed hiss ass off and said ‘ahah she’s getting drunk!’ –  @forum_th_ru

Tom said that first three shows he was very sick, but now everything is good –  @forum_th_ru

they’ve got a lot of work, but when it all ends, Bill said that he’s gonna watch and be proud of everything that they’ve done – @forum_th_ru

Pumba is going to be in dressing room – @forum_th_ru

guys looking for playing the show in Australia – @forum_th_ru


Bill said that Prague is wonderful. and a lot of ppl said that they saw his IG and were at the same places. Tom said  that it is useless to hunt out for them – @forum_th_ru

The band was asked if there was a moment where they had to bring a bandmember down bc of fame. This never happened. – @TokioHotelGER

Someone Asked if they had a gift that they wouldnt expected. only Georg had a answer: a book of his life and a jacket with every point where he had ever been  – @TokioHotelGER

The band has told how a setlist is made on tour. First all write down their favorite songs of the current album. then they see which other songs fit into. the setlist can change during the Dream Machine Tour –  @TokioHotelGER

After the tour is still a bit promo and videos for the next Singles. Afterwards, Bill and Tom go on vacation back to L.A. the twins are probably only 2 weeks at home – @TokioHotelGER

the guys would never visit a porn production again. And Bill would never take one of the pills again he took at the last Coachella – @TokioHotelGER

Bill used to be much more cloaked in the song lyrics. Today he is much more relaxed and prefers to write all the lyrics alone. – @TokioHotelGER

The band thought about how old they have become, since they have played for the first time in Prague on the day on 03.04.2007 – @TokioHotelGER


FULL GALLERY [credits to the owners]

Bill just said “Jesus, I almost lost my pants! *insert Bill giggle here*” – @EliElman

Bill said from the stage that she is drunk and TH TV filmed her – @forum_th_ru

Almost nobody at the back were singing :c |  Black was sung in English. – @THCVK

WE CATCHED TOM’S TOWEL – @jamlessllama




To the question ‘what’s your favorite female name?’ Bill answered Rose and Georg said he likes short names – @provokatorica

Tom was about to answer a question and then he accidentally burped – @provokatorica



Bill said he’s not afraid to get old and he likes wrinkles and grey hair, he likes being old and getting older feels good. he also said he is not afraid of dying and there are days when he thinks he could die and that would be fine, because his life is good and he’s been through a lot of amazing things and he lived a good life and he is not afraid of getting old and dying. they also said thats basically what ‘as young as we are’ is about, thats the meaning of the song. georg added that everything they’ve been through lead them to this moment and they wouldnt be here so he had no regrets and he wouldnt change anything that happened in his life, because thanks to this they are all where they are now – @thevollidioten


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