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Tokio Hotel – Dream Machine World Tour 2017 Live In Stockholm [April 6, 2017]


Venue: Fryshuset | Capacity: 3500

Check in time for VIP upgrades:
Scream: 4:45pm
Room 483: 2:15pm
Humanoid: 5:30pm
Kings Of Suburbia: 4pm

Early entry: 6:45pm

A couple of Room 483 and Scream packages are available on site through our concierges

Doors opening at 7pm




Bill was asking about the pants issue from Berlin and asked for the video. He was really worrying about it in a funny way – @ellenverleyen

Bill warned us about the lyrics. Tom said they can hear every little detail in the mic – @ellenverleyen 

Tom was telling his dog “ins bettchen!” And just talking to him in a cute way *dead* – @ellenverleyen

Tom kept nagging Bill about the pants issue for the details. I think 1/3 of the m&g was about that – @ellenverleyen

We were able to pet their dogs, they were just chilling there – @ellenverleyen

at soundcheck! Bill was whispering into Tom’s ear with the biggest smile on his face after first song. Bill left then Tom smiled too – @ellenverleyen

Soundcheck was really nice and the photographer made sure everyone gets a good picture by directing us where to stand – @Silbermondelfe

The sound seemed a little off in the beginning of soundcheck – @Silbermondelfe

Bill shivered from the cold during soundcheck saying “BRRRRRR!”. Fittingly enough the venue name means Freeze House – @tokiohotelusa

My friend told me Gustav said “Scusa” because he was not ready for the pic after the soundcheck – @LuDunkel_TH

FULL GALLERY [credits to the owners]

the crowd is so quiet tonight 😦 – @_gimmethatshit

Bill was on fire tonight! – @anjadoorlay

The VIPs were so cute – Bill couldn’t stop laughing at one point during automatic  – @anjadoorlay

The prize for the chilliest fans goes to Sweden!No pushing, everyone singing having a good mood,enough space to dance-perfect! – @anjadoorlay


Bill introduced “Better” saying something like “This song saved me and I think it also saved Tom a little bit”. And Bill was so happy most people sang “Black” (although not as loud as the crowd sings “Schwarz” in Germany) – @anjadoorlay

bill said that he would lie to people he loves just to make sure they won’t get hurt or feel bad. – 

one of my favorite things is watching Gustav drumming and singing the songs (to himself, probably in a heavy metal version) – @anjadoorlay

 bill said after automatic with vips “oh there was someone who was really happy.” because one girl really celebrated her moment on stage with bill & hugged him and was so happy – @_gimmethatshit

Someone actually asked why they are called Tokio Hotel. Tom said “that’s a dumb question. Try asking the name of my dog.” and Georg replied “we all know it’s Pflaumensaft” – @IchBinLyric

Tom says he dreams in black and white most of the time and Bill looked at him like he was crazy and said he never knew that. – @IchBinLyric

Tom also said if he could have lyrics tattooed, he’d want “my face is numb” …On his face – @IchBinLyric

Bill only smokes when he goes out for drinks now and not all the time. Tom hasn’t smoked in four weeks. – @IchBinLyric

Someone asked about the “vajay jay” in the Something New vid and Tom corrected her and said it’s a “wet vagina” – @IchBinLyric

When asked what makes Bill feel compete, he said he feels incomplete. Then mentioned his dog might complete him –  @IchBinLyric

Bill’s favorite costume of all time is the jacket of the opening of Humanoid City. 2nd fave is the second outfit in this tour. –  @IchBinLyric

Wait, I remember someone asked what dumb things they’ve done. Tom said Geo always does dumb things. THEN they ended up staring at each other. Tom and Georg stared at each other for a very long time before Tom winked at him and grinned. And answered my question. Tom had already denied to show how he did his hair so I asked about what other US places they wanted to see! Something I had to confirm with my own eyes: Tom and Georg are indeed wearing matching jumpsuits. –  @IchBinLyric

Bill’s fave song is Something New. Gustav’s is Better and Georg’s is AYAWA. – @IchBinLyric

Guys were asked what’s the worst part about touring. They all said missing their pets and family. Gustav said he missed a lot of his daughter’s milestones and Bill said it’s also hard to get time to himself and to be alone. – @IchBinLyric

Tom says the reason they won’t play old songs is because it depends on the dynamics of the setlist for the current tour. And they didn’t play Dream Machine because it’s too similar to other songs in key and tempo. And finally, the only songs they believe are suitable to play these days are Black & Rescue Me… Which can be a possibility in the future. – @IchBinLyric

Gonna post q&a info later but first about the gifts I gave. So I explained to each of them that it’s based on the space missions astronauts do and they have a patch with their names. Gustav thought it was really cool and when I asked for a picture he said “for that gift? Of course!” Then Tom was also intrigued by it, after we were done I saw him fiddling with it and he put it on top of the cap he was wearing lmao He just sat there with two caps like 🙂 Georg also told me several times it was a really Nice gift so I told him he should prove it by wearing it and he assured me he will haha Bill thought it was a really cool idea and he hugged me for it. So I’m just really glad I gave them this and it makes my pcd less worse cuz they have something of me with them. Also Tom said the cap itself was really cool? It was like a cheap h&m cap BUT OK TOM. Also they never asked for our concert ticket lol. Georg also tried on my cap and was like “I hope I can wear it cuz my head is huge!” So I’m like “there’s a strap” and he goes “I Know”? Also my phone has this feature where you draw an ‘O’ on the lockscreen and the camera opens automatically. And literally all of them were like “wait what?! What happened how did you do that??”. Also Pumba didn’t bite anyone even though Tom and Georg kept warning us. And Pumba’s so tiny in real life??? He seems kind of big and plumper on pics haha. Tom also said Capper was really sneaky and that he’d bite out of nowhere, but then said he was obv’ joking cuz he’s the nicest dog. And Capper is the nicest doge! He was laying next to me on the couch and I was petting him and he didn’t even bother to look up And omg I petted Capper & Pumba what is life. during backstage game. Bill sat on the armrest and leaned on the backrest with his elbow to whisper songs in Toms ear –

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