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Tokio Hotel – Dream Machine World Tour 2017 Live In Riga [April 10 , 2017]


Venue: Palladium | Capacity: 1600/2000

Check in time for VIP upgrades:
Scream: 6:15pm
Room 483: 7pm
Humanoid: 6:45pm
Kings Of Suburbia: 6:30pm

A couple of Humanoid and Scream packages are available on site through our concierges – @treehouseticket




Natasha from THT said that Humanoid and Room VIPs will be together – @_kukuruzka_ [translated by @tokiohotelua]

We’re all drunk because of their drinkinggame! t’s a small venue & there are about 200-300 people. About 30 & 40 room / humanoid packages, both packages will be after the show! 12 KOS but anyways a really cool group! – @dreamingtoomuch


FULL GALLERY [credits to the owners]


We were the worst group of guessing the songs and emptied a whole bottle jack daniels – @suburbialien

When we went to toilet after soundcheck the security didn’t want to let us in again & after an eternity Thorsten and Jan helped us – @suburbialien

Twins in one voice said that the sexiest female profession is flight attendant – @DiNeumann1

what’s up? Riga was fun!!!! love, Bill – this was tweeted by Bill via @ApfelTHS

We gave Gustav a bottle of Jack as a present and he was so fckg happy about it 😂❤️❤️he was so so sweet and said:’ awww thank you so Much! Finally I get smth too! Ever since the boys started the drinking game all my jack and I never have anything left. Thank you so much’ And then some other girl sneaked up to him an interrupted is really rude and he was like wtf…and then he said to her :’ No I have to take Pictures with them (us) first ❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 thanks Gustav ❤️❤️❤️ – @JBerlinTM

I told Bill, that I like his jacket it’s so fluffy & he just looked at me with the biggest smile ever “thank you so much”. – @dreamingtoomuch

Bill was nervous about the show in Berlin bc of family and friends but so happy when he saw the VIP section dancing – @ApfelTHS

BTK agreed that flight attendant is the sexiest job. Bill added he likes women of power like lawyers and politicians – @ApfelTHS

There was a question about celebrities and Bill resented so long about Kim Kardashian – @tokiohotelua (translation)

Georg said that new dates we will see this month – @tokiohotelua (translation)

Bill said he loves all the dishes with potatoes – @tokiohotelua (translation)

Bill was super shy during question about losing his virginity and said he didn’t even recognized it was really first time. Bill just said that it was super early and weird and he was thirteen – @tokiohotelua (translation)

Tom said that everything is count in any form. There were more questions like “with who” and Georg asked “why” but they didn’t answer – @tokiohotelua (translation)

Everyone believed that in next tour we will not have any VIP packages and Bill was like “ha! did you really believe?” – @tokiohotelua (translation)

Bill said he flights often with Lufthansa and they have beautiful stewardesses. Recently he was flying with beautiful stewardess again – @tokiohotelua (translation)

7 most important things/people for Bill: mom, Pumba, Tom, their band and then he paused – @tokiohotelua (translation)

Some girl asked two times if BILL comes to Hungary, not the band – @tokiohotelua (translation)

Bill answered my question about everything they achieved with their carrier. He said they prefer thinking about what’s coming And not about the past. They’re not the kind of band saying they are awesome but of course they realize how cool they career is – @ApfelTHS

Bill woke-up with bruises, fully dressed with his backpack on during last Coachella and didn’t know what happened the night bf Tom said they went to the pool but Bill didn’t remember it. Then, Bill said you become what you eat. So Bill thinks he’s a potato. – @ApfelTHS

They said we were the lamest group for drinking game but so happy they got us drunk – @ApfelTHS

Bill likes champagne, tequila and whisky the most (for those who wants to bring alcohol) but hates vodka – @ApfelTHS

And I had a present for Tom’s dog and Tom was really interested and cute. It was a supplement that makes walking easier and less Painful for Capper and I told him that one of my dogs has it too and it got so much better with it and he is now running next to the bike Again and he said : Oh wow cool, how old is he?’ And I told him Cassim is 9 but that he came from a very bad situation (7 years in the Cellar) and he was so shocked and then he asked how he has to use it and I explained it to him and then he looked inside and said ‘good it’sStill closed’ and I said ‘ dude I wouldn’t give anything from a stranger that is already open to my dogs either and then he smiled really Big and thanked me again. And the selfies wödöfosbsvu he is so cute and I already Wanted to leave and he said ‘no wait you already have a special gift used during the concert?’ And I said no and I had to choose between a Guitar pick and strings and I wanted to take the pick and then he rose an eyebrow and said’but they are from georg ‘ and then I asked ‘are The strings from Tom then’ and he said ‘yes they are from Tom’ and then I took the strings. he was so cute – @JBerlinTM



Someone asked what they would change if they could rule a country for a day.. Tom was joking & said: “Womensrights” – they shouldn’t drive, they shouldn’t get driverlicences..Tom also said, he would cancell/forbid stuff like “zoo/circus”..Georg said: schoolsystem! – 


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