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Tokio Hotel TV 2017 – Kick off [Episode 6]

My comment below the (previous deleted) video:

the 2-week await for having a brand new episode is all paid back! I really love the edit *[talking about the coloring] and it’s always so cool to see what’s going on at the backstage before a concert: the excitement, the nervousness and a mix of feelings but once you are on stage everything disappears and there’s only you, the music and the audience. I love also we had the chance to clearly listen to Bill’s voice during the performance thanks to this episode. Sometimes it happens with the whole crowd screaming to miss this part in some moments because the crowd is louder than ever. It happened in Milan and I was like: “Holy Shit!” I always have the chills when I listen to Durch Den Monsun live, that song is something of special for each one of us. It’s been a really great episode. I’m looking forward the next ones 😉 Love you so much, Always yours Irene xoxo

SOURCE: Tokio Hotel YouTube

*if I like the coloring and you don’t, it’s none of your business. I don’t like anything Tokio Hotel does or say only because I’m their fan, since they are not the directors of THTv (they only supervision the material of the episodes). So I’ 26, I have my own mind and my own opinions and I don’t give a damn about what you say to me because I have a clear conscience and what I do or say, whatever it is, Tokio Hotel related or not. I don’t start to write down: “why don’t you like the coloring or the edit?” “oh you are such a bad TH fan!” and stuff like that. Because everyone has a different though and it’s ok. Be more mature, please!

Dream Machine World Tour 2017:



I love music, it's all my life and my best friend ever. I graduated in music also for this reason but mainly because I'd like to become a music producer or at least working in this area and maybe with my favorite artists and why not with Tokio Hotel. This band completely own my heart. I love to express myself with art, it's always been in this way. I'm really emotional, creative, stubborn, I always try to get what I want and I fight for realizing my dreams. From February 2016 until April 2017 I moved in Milan for following a post degree course in publishing and music production.

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