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Tokio Hotel – Dream Machine World Tour 2017 Live In Novosibirsk [April 19, 2017]


Venue: Railwaymen Palace of Culture | Capacity:

Check in time for VIP upgrades:
Scream: 5pm
Room 483: 3pm
Humanoid: 6pm
Kings Of Suburbia: 4:30pm



 – Bill said that he would not do a tattoo in the form of a wedding ring, because now prefers decoration. With diamonds * laughter *

– Tom said Novosibirsk weather reminds him of Berlin’s one

–  Paint nails in a black, it was a spontaneous decision to Bill. He did it, because simply wanted to

– During M&G Gustav sneezed. fans told him to “bless you”, to which he replied in Russian “thank you”

– Humanoid are still waiting because the soundchek started late (they had problems with the sound)

– Bill doesn’t like vodka cause after that he has the worst hungover ever. And he prefers whiskey more than vodka


  • Speaking abt a new “5-year-break” Bill said that we won’t have to wait for so long though they need some time. To accomplish their plans with this album – tour and videos – and to write a new one.
  • Guys were asked abt skills they wanna master.Bill wants to learn how to play the piano,Gustav-the guitar.Georg wants to fly. T(abt playng the piano):That was actually my answer. B:I always say it before. T:What?!U’ve never said it in ur whole life!
  • Tom (abt children): Even though I have perfect genes and there’ll be a beautiful kid!
  • Bill dreams about meeting aliens and one day going to another planet.
  • Bill’s night club would be like “a paradise for adults” with BEAUTIFUL smoking area, tattoo master & pool.
  • Bill (abt favourite Depeche Mode songs): Route 66, People Are People.
  • Bill wants his first child to be a boy. Though now he doesn’t want to have children as well as Tom.
  • Twins find accents cute. But they hate dialects (especial German).
  • So all in all there were ~12 questions on the M&G – Room 483.
  • If they could go back in 2015 they wouldn’t change anything but if they could go back in 5-6 years, then yes ofc.
  • Gustav said “no” in Russian, but it sounded like “nit” instead of “net” (нит -> нет)ю The fans corrected him




FULL GALLERY [credits to the owners]


Gustav didn’t d0 the wave – @forum_th_ru

Bill didn’t calculate the speed, ran too close to the microphone stand and hit himself in the forehead. – @forum_th_ru

After the last song Gustav gave his drumstick to a disabled girl right in her hands. – @THCVK

DDM was in German 🙂 (lot of Russian fans where afraid they might change it to English) – @forum_th_ru

If Bill has great power, he’d make himeself a president.
Tom: A president of the world.
Bill: Yeah! – @THCVK

guys were asked if they think Russian girls is the most beautiful. Bill agreed and said that he also like Italian girls – @forum_th_ru He didnt agreed! He said for him it doesnt depend on the country but he likes italian people! – @Adnilaa_

Twins don’t have any personal early childhood memories ‘cause they were always together, shared everything and talked abt all – @THCVK

Bill: “I like the movie «Arrival». And now attention, interesting information: maybe I’ll be in a Russian movie. Maybe!” – @forum_th_ru

Tom (abt bad habits): Gustav drinks a bottle of whiskey everyday which isn’t good ‘cause he won’t live long. – @THCVK

abt fav bad characters (GoT)

Tom: Cersei is hot!
Georg: What?! Are u serious?!
Tom: U’d not fuck Cersei?!
Georg: No! – @THCVK

Bill: I always tell that Georg needs surgery but he doesn’t want to! – @THCVK

there were ~14 questions asked duting Humanoid M&G. – @THCVK

Guys know only t.A.T.u of Rus artists Bill (sings): All the things she said-all the things she said! – @THCVK


Bill really likes movies sci-fy movies like Passangers and Arrival. And he’d like to shoot some one day. – @THCVK

Georg said that Tom’s movie (he’d ver shoot it) would be called “One Night IN Ariana Grande” – @THCVK



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