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Tokio Hotel TV 2017 – heißer tanz [Episode 7]

My comment as usual below the video:

I’m so glad to have a brand new episode today. It’s the perfect way to celebrate the graduation of my friend Elena. By the way… Watching the clips of you on stage always make me think of all the feelings I always proved when I saw you live in concert. It’s such a beautiful vibe that’s hard to describe. And I have to say: The Heart Get No Sleep STILL rocks live! OMG I loved when you tried to do some ballet steps or when Tom played an invisible guitar and then tried to get a high five from Gustav. You always make me laugh until tears….. especially during the face laugh XD the French speaker at the NRJ radio seems really funny. I bet you had fun with him. PS: My mom told me to find Bill extremely sweet when he’s wearing polo shirt. She said me: “he seems the boy of the next door” Love you so much, guys. Always yours, Irene xoxo

SOURCE: Tokio Hotel YouTube

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