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Tokio Hotel – Dream Machine World Tour 2017 Live In Ekaterinburg [April 21, 2017]


Venue: Tele-Club | Capacity: 1500

Check in time for VIP upgrades:
Scream: 5pm
Room 483: 3pm
Humanoid: 6pm
Kings Of Suburbia: 4:15pm

A couple of Room483, Scream and Humanoid packages are available on site through our concierges – @treehousticket



  • One girl from the M&G say that Georg’s dog (Baddy) was a present from Tom, but she’s not sure if she heard correct
  • Bill was asked to give a name to a dog (girl) and he said Nala. All their dogs were rescued
  • Bill slapped Tom on his chest during the M&G. And before that he was answering a Q and Tom tried to interrupt him,and then Bill put his hand on Tom’s face and pushed him back & continue to answer like nothing happened. They all laugh
  • Q: you like women and what kind of men do you like so you could date them? (Natasha translate the q as “whom you want to be like”) B answered David Bowie & Freddie Mercury,the rest of them the girl doesn’t remember
  • Bill also said “Don’t know about beauty but men in Russia are awfully dressed, in our hotel they all were awfully dressed”
  • Bill noticed three times that the crowd were sang fucking cool & thanked for English “Black”
  • Tom looked very tired
  • The Q was abt their children’s room. Tom said that they had a bunk bed, and Bill – that he was sleeping in a tent
  • The Q was In which film / TV series would they like to live as real life? Bill said – House of Cards or La La Land. Georg chose Game of Thrones. Guys mentioned Harry Potter when they talked in which movie they would like to live (it was a joke) [@tokiohotelua]
  • The Q was about the ideal fans. Tom said that this is the one who buys their disks and not download illegally And Tom also added that this is the person who buys tickets for five of their concerts at least. Bill joked that this is the person who never saw them live
  • They said they are’nt sleeping for long, today they have only few hours to sleep & most of the time they sleep in the road
  • During the photos Tom started kicking Bill and Gustav hugged Bill from the back, “protecting him”
  • Bill closed the zipper on his pants on the stage
  • The guys were in a great mood today
  • Most of the questions were in Russian (Natasha translated)
  • One girl asked Bill if he remember her present from Billy event in St.Petersburg(a vest with Bowie)-he didn’t remember. Gustav gave him a slap on the back & she thanked him for that. Gustav made a “cool” face.
  • They were asked if there were confusion situations when the guys introduced to their families their lovers. They didn’t answer for long time, Bill & Tom look at each other and Bill laugh, said that Tom had that situation recently. But Tom will kill him if Bill will tell it. Bill added he never introduced his love to his mom because of the language barrier – mom doesn’t speak English

  • Some girls say that they have noticed that Tom was crying during Black


  • The twins said they don’t give each other presents on their b-day. They can only give away some stuff, if one of them has and the other doesn’t but want to have it
  • Bill still finds beautiful hands, good taste and style very attractive in women.



FULL GALLERY [credits to the owners]

 The girl asked how they will survive in next 2 days and Bill said “cocaine and champagne” And then he repeated word “champagne” in Russian – @tokiohoteua

Tom said “spasibo” which means “thank you”, but he did it wrongly – @tokiohotelua

When guys came, some girl said to Bill that he looks tired. He said “mm thanks” with sarcasm and they all started laughing. He was like “huh I thought you said that I’m beautiful and all that” – @tokiohotelua



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