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Tokio Hotel – Dream Machine World Tour 2017 Live In Kazan [April 23, 2017]


Venue: Ermitage | Capacity: 2500

Check in time for VIP upgrades:
Scream: 5pm
Room 483: 4pm
Humanoid: 6pm
Kings Of Suburbia: 4:45pm




  • When they made photos she asked Bill how does she look and he answered – Nice
  • at the start of soundcheck Bill stretched and his cap just fell under the stage




FULL GALLERY [credits to the owners]

they stopped the show. @tokiohotel left the stage


There is some trouble with microphone! Guys were out from the stage – @tokiohotelua

The was no Run, Run, Run ’cause of some technical problem. The guys just skipped it.  Bill: Sorry, we have to skip a song but it doesn’t matter. It’s not fun anymore. – @THCVK

  • Girl Got a Gun now!
  • Automatic has started!

– @forum_th_ru

The band left the stage again. Fans are waiting for the last 3 songs – @THVCK

What If now! – @forum_th_ru

The show is over! There was technical problems with the sound and Bill said that they’re sorry for like several times – @forum_th_ru


When there were any problems with the sound the twins looked at each other like wtf?! Thanks to

– guys liked the venue, except Gustav

  • guys promised to come back to Kazan, they looked really happy no matter technical problems
  • Tom laughed his ass off about someone or something from the first row.


  • during Humanoid m&g Bill chewed his T-shirt collar
  • Pumba in Deluxe notebook was drawn by twins’ mother
  • to the Q about Marie Antoinette. a girl remind Bill that her head was chopped off. and Bill said: ‘But I’d be her only for a day!’
  • guys were asked about cities they’d like to shoot video in. they said they like Kazan, Saint-Petersburg and Moscow. Tom said: ‘Moskau!” And Bill said: ‘Moskva’ (It’s Moscow in Russian)
  • Bill’s favorite bubble gum – Hubba Bubba

– @forum_th_ru


The guys said Pumba is practically the copy of Bill: he’s also selfish, a lil bit evil, bites and bullying. – @THCVK




I love music, it's all my life and my best friend ever. I graduated in music also for this reason but mainly because I'd like to become a music producer or at least working in this area and maybe with my favorite artists and why not with Tokio Hotel. This band completely own my heart. I love to express myself with art, it's always been in this way. I'm really emotional, creative, stubborn, I always try to get what I want and I fight for realizing my dreams. From February 2016 until April 2017 I moved in Milan for following a post degree course in publishing and music production.

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