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Tokio Hotel – Dream Machine World Tour 2017 Live In Voronezh [April 28, 2017]


Venue: Aura Night Club – changed @ Colosseum| Capacity: 400

Check in time for VIP upgrades:
Scream: 4:45pm
Room 483: 3pm
Humanoid: 6pm
Kings Of Suburbia: 4:30pm



  • KoS guessed only 1 song! Tom is very tired, Bill is joyful, Georg speaks in English & Gustav in Russian
  • Bill ate her sweets
  • M&G Humanoid also will be in the Hotel but not at the venue
  • She – Tom, you’re very tired. How long did you sleep? Like one hour? T – And you? S – For 5 days I sleep 7 hours. T – Same shit
  • om watched that everyone was drinking, Gustav constantly poured alcohol. Tom looked at the girls who did not drink like -.-
  • Tom – You don’t drink? She – No. Gus – I see a lie in your eyes! She (whisper to Gus) – It’ll be our secret!
  • After when they guessed the songs, the guys said that thay’re really bad fans cause know only 1 song (it was a joke)
  • Bill said he really liked the afterparty, He was drank. But than added that the best song yesterday was BDC. DJ was sucks. She said that her friend confirmed this. Bill pursed his lips
  • The sound is simply gorgeous
  • The whole crowd sings Better, Bill is smiling

  • Ivy (Bill’s cosplay) on stage
  • KOS girls knew the lyrics of Automatic
  • During Automatic Bill trying to zip his pants, not laugh & sing at the same time
  • During the As Young As We Are the crowd sang louder than Bill
  • Bill said “spasibo” (russian language – thank you) like 20 time. The crowd is amazing and very energetic
  • The Automatic’s situation (unzipped pants) was the same during the What If. The crowd was crying
  • Tom also had pant’s problems
  • The show is over! Girls going to the M&G Humanoid at the Hotel Benefit Plaza
  • For Toll lovers: after the M&G Bill lay down with his head on Toms knees
  • Questions M&G Humanoid: What happened with Bills zipper, where do they prefer to come, who die will murder/fuck/marries in GoT
  • Bill would like to fly to other planet with the all aliens
  • Bill was asked about group sex, and he said that they didn’t do that with the ex, and never had that kind of sex
  • They were asked when they will finish their carrier. Bill said that it’s the last tour, he nodded and smiled, even winked But then he said that they actually don’t know, they really love making music so their carrier will be long
  • About GoT question: Bill will kill Jon Snow and marry Cersei and he don’t want to fuck anyone. Tom would like to fuck Melisandre


  • Tom: If u want to be remembered, u should pinch Bill’s ass during the prof photo! Bill: NO! Don’t do it!
  • They won’t come to Russia for FIFA World Cup 2018.
  • In Die Nacht was made in Spain. It started with the music. Only then was created the lyrics.
  • May be one day they’ll do again a cover-version of smb’s song but not now.
  • Their comfort zones are: B: Christmas time! Ge: Same. Tom: Being with friends. Gu: Coming home from tour.
  • The guys’ve not read any Russian books. Only stories told them in childhood abt Baba Yaga but its more Slavic folklore
  • Bill tries to be surrounded by people’re eager to try new things & always do smth. It motivates him better than books.
  • Speaking abt books they’ve read recently Bill said he doesn’t read much but if he does, it’ll be books on motivation



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