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Tokio Hotel TV 2017 – Tschau Ba Ba [Episode 8]

SOURCE: Tokio Hotel YouTube

My comment below the video as usual:

“Yaaaaaay a new Tokio Hotel TV episode. Bill singing on Britney’s hits is way too funny and DAMN we have to make a Britney Spears party together because the other three guys don’t give you the satisfaction of joining into the Britney Spears sing along 😀 _ I love her since forever! And thanks for have brought “Legendary Miss Britney Spears….” back ❤ One of the moments I loved the most about this new episode is when Tom is interviewing Georg and Gustav on Billy’s EP 😀 actually I thought you were going to mention David Hasselhoff ahahah I have to say Gustav head banging is on point. But the star of this episode is definitely Olly ahahaha can’t wait for the next one in which there will be included Milan date (I’m not ready for it T.T) Love you so much, Always yours Irene xoxo PS: I loved the choice of As Young As We Are instrumental version as background music. I love that song!”


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