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Tokio Hotel TV 2017 – I´m gonna fuck you [Episode 9]

SOURCE: Tokio Hotel YouTube

My comment below the video:

I waited a lot for this episode because I was sure it was dedicated to Milan AND Rome, but unfortunately Milan was cut off, I don’t know why. I’m so sorry for that. I thought to can relive a little bit what I lived on March 28 in this new TH TV episode but whatever… it was pretty hard to link all the parts in this episode: Rome backstage, Gustav talking during What If video shoot, Tom in the middle of the covered in snow woods, Bill talking during Deezer interview but I liked the Alcoholics Anonymous section and when Georg and Gustav started to sing in the backstage though the highlight was definitely Bill’s “LECCATEMI LE PALLE” ahahahah ps: If you are searching for new members of your team, I’d like to propose like music production assistant and/or TH TV editor 😎 love you so much, always yours Irene xoxo



I love music, it's all my life and my best friend ever. I graduated in music also for this reason but mainly because I'd like to become a music producer or at least working in this area and maybe with my favorite artists and why not with Tokio Hotel. This band completely own my heart. I love to express myself with art, it's always been in this way. I'm really emotional, creative, stubborn, I always try to get what I want and I fight for realizing my dreams. From February 2016 until April 2017 I moved in Milan for following a post degree course in publishing and music production.

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