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Tokio Hotel TV 2017 – A german thing [Episode 12]

SOURCE: Tokio Hotel YouTube

My comment below the video as usual:

I really loved this episode. I’m always so fascinated by the backstage of a photoshoot and this one is definitely one of your best so far. I love especially the orange outfit. It suits perfectly on you, well… anything you wear suits perfectly on you. When you started to pose with Pumba I remember the very first photoshoot you had with Pumba for Kings Of Suburbia album and he was soooo tiny, it seems yesterday. When you talked about food I felt hungry ahahahha I love food with cheese of potatoes too, oh Lordy I could kill for potatoes :p I hope to find L’Officiel Hommes in Milan next week, here in my city is almost impossible to find it. Love you so much, Always yours Irene xoxo



I love music, it's all my life and my best friend ever. I graduated in music also for this reason but mainly because I'd like to become a music producer or at least working in this area and maybe with my favorite artists and why not with Tokio Hotel. This band completely own my heart. I love to express myself with art, it's always been in this way. I'm really emotional, creative, stubborn, I always try to get what I want and I fight for realizing my dreams. From February 2016 until April 2017 I moved in Milan for following a post degree course in publishing and music production.

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