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Leaving Tomorrow For My Vacay 🚢 See Ya On July 24! ✌️

Hey there!

Tomorrow I leave for my vacay. After 3 years finally I come back to join some holidays with my parents. We go on cruise and we are so happy to enjoy some time together and visit new places.

Even though I could have wi-fi or use internet connection I’m not sure to update the blog when I’m on cruise just because I wanna enjoy my vacay. When I come back home I’ll catch up with all the updates and I’m going to upload my tribute to Tokio Hotel for the 10th anniversary as fan of them on July 25. So stay tuned!

If you wanna know what’s going on with me during my vacay, feel free to follow me on Instagram HERE I’m gonna post photos and stories.

See ya on July 24! ✌️

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