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Tokio Hotel – Dream Machine World Tour 2017/2018 Live in Padua [Nov. 9, 2017]

Venue: Gran Teatro Geox
Capacity: +2500 people

Check in times:
Room 483: 3:30pm
KOS: 4:30pm
Scream: 4:45pm
Humanoid: 7pm
Early entry: 7:45pm
Show: 9:30pm


I think to start with my experience from the very beginning: when Tokio Hotel unexpectedly announced the additional shows. I was on holiday with my parents and my friend Elena texted me saying the band was going to come back in Italy for four dates and I was like: WHAT???? I couldn’t believe it since just the day before I told my mom: “Tom at the Q&A in March said we have to wait at least 5 years for a new tour”…  so on July 20 when I was in Mallorca I got my regular ticket for Padua date and the day after when I was coming back from my excursion in Poblet and Montblanc (near Tarragona) I got my Scream upgrade.


I challenge someone of you to do the same AHAHAHA I know I’m crazy and I could wait since it was Summer and so many people where on holiday but those four guys still make me feel anxious after 10 years! When I come back home I got the tickets also for my parents, since they wanted to attend the show too. The last time they saw the band was in 2010, during Humanoid City, always in Padua but they were so curious to attend this one since I talked them it was such an amazing concert and it worth it.

Unfortunately my friend Elena couldn’t get a ticket since she was busy with her post degree course but I promised to send her photos and/or videos. But I wouldn’t be alone. My friends Elisa, Floriana and Marika joined the Dream Machine one more time. So for the occasion I decided to make a t-shirt for all of us to make this day even more special.

On November 9, my parents and I left around 9:30pm and arrived in Padua at midday. We first checked in at the hotel and then reached the venue, I met my friends and give them the t-shirts and then had lunch with Elisa (we also shared the hotel). In the first hours of the afternoon we come back at the venue and after a while I started to queue for the Scream check-in. Thorsten from Treehouse Ticketing put me a wristband, the Dream Machine sticker and give my Scream laminate pass. Since I had a bag with some gifts from the band (a portrait for each one of them, you can find them on my Instagram profile) and some traditional pastries from my city, I asked Thorsten: “this is for the band. Can I leave it to you?” and you was: “?!?!?!??” and after a couple of seconds: “yes. OK. I had to translate it in my mind” ahahahahaha OK Thorsten, I love you also for that. He put the bag near the check-in desk and I queue on the other line where I waited for the next 2 hours. It was a little bit cold but since I have my Dream Machine sweater on, I was pretty warm. When Thorsten finished with the check-ins he took my bag and brought it inside meanwhile I saw Mike coming out the venue with a huge flower bunch and several bags with presents for the band.


Finally at 8:45 we are in. I got the second row. I already liked the stage, definitely wider than Milan’s one. I was pretty excited to attend also the soundcheck. After a couple of minutes I spotted the band on the right side of the stage talking with part of the team and drinking some water. Georg was the first one to say hi. How cute. Then they came on stage, without Gustav, because the first song they rehearsed was Black. Before to start Bill said Hi and asked how we were. There was such a lovely atmosphere, it seemed like I was attending a private session. Everything was magic. Then also Gustav walked on stage and after have seated in front of his drums set said something in German to Bill and he replied back but actually I didn’t get a word of what they said, so if you know, feel free to write it to me. While Bill was singing he looked at me with a huge smile on his face and I replied back greeting him. Tom also looked at me while he was playing the guitar. The second song was Cotton Candy Sky followed by Something New. During this song I started to cry, I don’t know why but I couldn’t control my tears, they simply started to fall down. I love this song so much, I love the lyrics and I reflect in them a lot but I didn’t think to move me, because I already attended the show before and I already listened to this song live. By the way, Bill’s vocals are really impressive. I always knew it, of course. But during the soundcheck you could clearly hear his voice perfectly, he’s able to modulate his voice from low to high notes like you usually drink a glass of water. During Something New there was a little problem with basses, probably they were a little bit too high so they turned in some noise, a problem that during the show was perfectly fixed.

After the soundcheck we waited for the group photo. I was in the first group, Mike divided us in three groups, while Jan from Treehouse called us under the stage. When the guys stood up back to us, I was from Georg and Tom side, and they both smiled to us, Tom smiled at me with his super cute apple face and Georg said hi to us again. Dominik, the photographer, said us how we could pose so everyone could turn out in the photo and he said: “if you can see me, I can see you” then the band and him count “one, two, three” and Tom exclaimed: “STRACCIATELLA” followed by another one with: “PIZZA”. So the one below is the photo, I don’t know which one of them, but I thought I could turn better, I’m horrible. Nothing compared to the one I shot in Milan last March. I’m feeling a lot upset because I paid also for the photo and I completely suck. It also seems I’m a mile away from the band but I was so close to Georg and Tom, they were just in front of mine.

TH_VIP-60-4 - Copia

Once Dominik shot the photo I brought back my bag and come out the venue for half an hour, in which I sent some vocals to my friend Elena explaining what happened and I also called my mom. Then I queued again for the early entry and I was inside again after a while. I was in fourth row, in the middle, and luckily I was able to see Floriana and Elisa coming inside the venue so I called them to stay with me. Unfortunately Marika run to fast that I didn’t see her until the end of the concert.


The venue wasn’t so full, there were around 800 people but the atmosphere was really good and when the concert has started nobody pushed, everyone was focused on the show and I was glad about it, since in Milan it was a mess for the first four songs. I was able also to record some clips with my phone and shot pictures (you can check them out below). Once again Tokio Hotel proved to be very professional and to love what they do. Everything is perfect and studied in details. All the interludes between the songs, the lights. It’s such a show. It didn’t miss Bill speaking in Italian with “leccami le palle” (lick my balls) and “stracciatella”. During Black I could see how happy he was the whole crowd was singing in English. I love the German version more than the English one, but if they chose to sing Black I accept it and I sing in English. We should thank, instead, they were come back to sing Durch den Monsun since Feel It All tour. I’m so happy to have listened to this version for three times in the last 2 years and half.

As usual, it was over too soon.

After the concert I stopped for some photos with my girls and then met with my parents. They were sooo sooo happy to have attended the concert too. They spent such lovely words for the band, saying they grown up a lot, physically and musically, that they evolved their style and found new sounds to complete their growth and they are so proud of the band. My mom asked how Bill is able to walk on those heels and she also said to love Bill’s glitter outfit and the one he wears during Easy. My dad recorded some parts of the show (you can check them below) and he exclaimed: “my favorite part was Tom and Gustav drums battle”.

I couldn’t leave without get the new Tokio Hotel scarf, it’s so warm and colorful. I love it!

I had another great experience and I’m definitely gonna miss this tour more than ever. I had the chance to meet the band in March and once again in November. The Dream Machine really takes all of us, I came on board and left the rest behind. This is Tokio Hotel. They always make me feel better and make me forget about all the rest. With them I feel complete and happy. There’s only them and me. I already miss them a lot and can’t wait to see them again. See you soon!

Credit me if you share my photos 😉 – click on the photo above to check the full gallery

Videos by my dad + Durch den Monsun filmed by me

Some clips by me

SOMETHING NEW || BOY DON’T CRY || COTTON CANDY SKY || RUN RUN RUN [this was filmed by my dad] || WHAT IF || DSOTS finale ||

Clip by my friend Floriana

Vlog of my friend Floriana


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