2017, Tokio Hotel

Tokio Hotel First Performance For Each Lead Single


  • I considered Schrei (2005) and Schrei so laut du kannst (2006) as an only one album, since the 2006 edition included the same tracklist with few bonus tracks, and only Schrei, Rette Mich and Der Letzte Tag are re-recorded again since Bill’s voice changed. But I didn’t consider Rette Mich as lead single of Schrei so laut du kannst edition.
  • I only picked Automatisch performance even though Humanoid album was released in two versions, German and English but I chose the very first performance of the German version since it was the first one that was performed by the band.
  • I didn’t considered Darkside of the Sun as a lead single of the Japanese Best Of edition, called just like the song itself, since it was only a sort of promotional single and originally included into Humanoid album.
  • I didn’t put Girl Got A Gun performance at Circus Halligalli since it’s just a promotional single and not Kings of Suburbia lead single, that in fact is Love Who Loves You Back. For the same reason I didn’t put Something New from Dream Machine, that actually doesn’t have a tv performance, but What If that was presented during Schlag den Star on March 13, 2017.


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What’s your favorite Tokio Hotel lead single?


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