Tokio Hotel 10 Most Viewed Music Videos On YouTube

I thought to create this little chart in which I included the first 10 most viewed Tokio Hotel music videos on YouTube.

Where indicated (*) the views are combined from official YT channel and the VEVO ones.

NOTE: Love Who Loves You Back music video is blocked on Tokio Hotel YT official channel (I still don’t know why), even though it has over 14 million of views. On VEVO channel it has 2,5 million of views. It should be at #4 on this chart.

Enjoy 🙂


MONSOON – 30.398.933 views 

READY, SET, GO! – 23.402.203 views

WORLD BEHIND MY WALL – 19.154.916 views

LOVE WHO LOVES YOU BACK 16.894.419 views *

AUTOMATIC – 14.790.592 views

DURCH DEN MONSUN – 13.240.446 views

SCREAM – 12.394.754 views

RUN RUN RUN – 9.284.836 views *

FEEL IT ALL – 7.933.815 views *

DARKSIDE OF THE SUN – 6.738.911 views *

DON’T JUMP – 5.244.851 views


What’s your favorite music video of this Top 10 chart?


2 thoughts on “Tokio Hotel 10 Most Viewed Music Videos On YouTube

    1. LWLYB is only available on Tokio Hotel Vevo and it has only 2,5 million of views. I don’t know why LWLYB is blocked on their official YT channel. For this reason I didn’t put it even though it counts 14 million of views.


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