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Should we expect a new Tokio Hotel record within the end of the year or…?

It’s been a while since I seated (or laid) in front of my notebook to write a post for this blog. Probably I wasn’t enough inspired or it wasn’t the right moment but I hope to write more in the next months because I want this blog to be more than a common updates box. I’m so grateful to all of you who still check it and also leave likes and (sometimes) comments. You will still find all the updates and more – Tokio Hotel From A To Z is the last project I’m working on and you can check the first five posts on the menu above. BUT I’ll try my best to write more posts on my thoughts EXCLUSIVELY about Tokio Hotel music. I don’t care about drama, gossip and stuff. I do care only about Tokio Hotel projects in fact of music or whatever they are involved in.

So on Wednesday Bill shared a new post on his Instagram profile revealing he’s working on new Tokio Hotel record (in the picture there are also Tom and Georg).

working on the new @tokiohotelrecord 🕺🏼

The frontman also shared an IG story with some microphones before a session.


It’s not the first time the band closed in a recording studio this year. On July they had a listening session at the iconic Hansa Studios in Berlin. In the last four decades famous artists like David Bowie, Depeche Mode, Marillion and U2 – just to name a few – recorded some of their records at Hansa Studios. So it would be a great achievement for Tokio Hotel to be included in the list of the artists who recorded there and released probably some of the most memorable albums of music history.


Two months earlier, on May, Bill and Tom stopped in Düsseldorf, Germany, also to work on new material and the singer shared the moment on his Instagram profile.

Captura de pantalla 2018-05-21 a las 15.11.55
“Back in the lab #newtunes@tokiohotel

The band, especially Bill, told more than once that they are always writing and composing for their future projects, even though Tom during their last tour joked about the fact fans have to wait five years for a new record.

So now my question is: should we expect a new record within the end of the year or we have to wait the first trimester of 2019 just like happened for Dream Machine? The band is always pretty inscrutable in fact of release dates BUT during Summer Camp a fan won all access tickets for their upcoming shows in 2019 so there’s something brewing.

And what about the sound? It’s gonna be a completely new chapter, exploring new sounds or it will keep Dream Machine sonorities but with different shades? Following Tokio Hotel for eleven years, I can say there’s always an evolution in what they do but with a glance on what they did back in the years because Tokio Hotel didn’t change, Tokio Hotel simply evolved and grown up as band, as musicians and as persons. So I’m really curious what will bring this new era: a concept album, a visual album. The discussion is opened.


UPDATE – September 14, 2018 

Bill, Tom and Georg are currently working at Riverside Studio in Berlin.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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6 thoughts on “Should we expect a new Tokio Hotel record within the end of the year or…?

  1. They have evolved to such extent that they’re virtually unpredictable as for both the sound and the visuals of the album. If I remember correctly, Bill once shared a picture with a caption about having created the best song ever. I love how they keep researching new sounds and new ideas and make them into smaller pieces which merge into one big masterpiece. Not long has passed since the end of the DM tour, so I believe the vibes are still strong in all of the guys. The Summercamp counts, too. A lot of joy and positive energy will most likely influence some content of the album. And let’s not forget the personal issues of the guys, including Pumba’s death and Tom’s new love. My predictions still have an irregular shape, but for sure they’ll include one song which totally stands out from the rest (probably sporting all kinds of electronica and synths available -the kind of song where you don’t know what you’re actually hearing, but you find yourself loving it at the same time and gradually discovering the layers of a seemingly chaotic composition) and a sad song, a ballad to make one cry. Invaded type, maybe. Now, as for the visuals – I feel their logo will change again into either a simplified triangle divided into two segments or a somewhat oldschool one with TH letters shown more clearly. The visual side of the album will be either colorful and unrealistic or black and white. Main themes? Evolution, discovery, nightlife, holidays, contrasting feelings, casual struggles of a regular person. But somehow I feel the sound is gonna be toned down, I mean a little less dreamy than Dream Machine but less club- themed than KoS. Something in the middle for perfect harmony and everything based on new sounds.
    A kind of wishlist:
    1. More of Bill’s natural voice and less electronic alterations. It worked fine on Dream Machine to strengthen the climate and highlight the dreamlike nature of the music, but Bill’s voice is a powerful instrument and needs no enhancements in my humble opinion. It’s their choice, though. They know what they’re doing and I’m gonna like it anyway 😀
    2. Humanoid vibes, because I’m a Humanoid lover (selfish and repetitive of me, I know XDD )
    3. An acoustic piece
    4. GERMAN LANGUAGE. Although I doubt it’s gonna happen, we can never be sure! Two language versions of the same album, how cool would it be?
    5. A tour with a well-balanced setlist (of course I’m partly referring to point 2.) and some cool outfits. Obviously, I don’t expect Bill to have a mohawk on his head again, but this man is like a colorful bird and surely he’s got something up his sleeve as for the stage costumes and his hairstyles. HYPED!
    6. Dear Tokio Hotel, just release the album already and announce the tour so I can finally see you and fulfill my dream 😦 ❤


    1. Finally I’m gonna reply your comment.
      So… definitely what the band went through the last year and half is a source of inspiration for their new songs and I’m so curious to listen to them even though I’m still in my Dream Machine bubble. This last era was really special to me for so many reasons. But I’m also opened to their new project, I’m always anxious and excited when it comes about Tokio Hotel though, especially tickets and VIPs presale hahaha
      By the way, I really hope for a visual album with a music video for each song. Something Dream Machine could be perfect for. And also a concept album just like Humanoid was, at least in part.
      Bill’s voice is great and believe me you can catch it during live shows, even though there are live effects too but you can clearly listen to his amazing voice reaching falsetto and high notes without any problem. I attended the soundcheck last Novemeber and Something New was PERFECT. But I know what you mean in point number 1. but it’s what electronic and synth pop is about. Of course, Tokio Hotel use it in the right way. Everything is balanced. Tom knows how to work in this field. Dream Machine instrumental album is an album itself and not an instrumental version. It’s awesome!
      I don’t think there’s gonna be a German/English double album like happened for Humanoid. They told more than once it wasn’t natural and they will never work on two albums at the same time. It all comes from Bill inspiration and how he starts to write the songs. And I’m agreed. Personally, Humanoid English version is completely different than German one that is my fav, even though I attended two shows in English on Humanoid City Tour. I don’t dislike English version but I simply prefer German one. But I love all the Humanoid English’s bonus tracks (That Day, Screamin’, In Your Shadow, Attention and Down On You) because they were clearely was written only in English and they are amazing.


      1. Dream Machine era was definitely special. Although I’ve missed a half of it, I could still join the experience. Unfortunately, not in a live a show, but I’ve taken up some additional jobs to make my pocket ready for the new tour and album and an upgrade maybe. Just praying they won’t announce the tour in a time unsuitable for me. Naturally, it’s impossible to please anyone with the dates, but I just hope I’ll be done with my studies by that time to attend the show for sure. It’s kinda stressing me out for the time being. As someone who has never seen the band live, I’m all nervous and full of anticipation and keep raping the socials every day so I won’t miss a thing.

        Two versions of the album will not happen for sure, but it’s totally understandable. I also neglected my native language in terms of writing my own stuff. English is international and it’s easier to use, but songs in German always have more soul in them for obvious reasons. I loved both versions of Humanoid, but I also prefer the German one. Trying to fit lyrics in English into music originally intended for lyrics in German wasn’t an easy task and resulted in drastic differences between the themes, but both versions are lovely in their own ways. Humanoid somewhat defined the band for me back in the day and though Tokio Hotel’s real definition is evolution and research, I’m still very attached to it. I’d love to listen to some older songs live out of sheer curiosity what they would sound like in new arrangements and with Bill’s mature voice. But the setlist will rely on the theme of the album so we never know what to expect. I wonder if they’ll choose clubs or larger venues for the tour. I would love something huuuuuge like Humanoid City Live.

        As for the music, all is entrusted to Tom. When I caught up with TH after years of break and learned that Tom was the one responsible for mixing and stuff, I was amazed. I’m very fond of instrumental tracks from Dream Machine because I can incorporate my own thoughts into music, cycling through my life and choosing the moments to recall. Probably that was the aim of Dream Machine – after listening to the vocal tracks, you are served instrumentals so you can sit back and relax and choose where the Dream Machine will take you.
        I’ve recently stumbled upon some reviews where people claimed that the band should have changed their name after switching to a different kind of music, but I think people don’t get the idea.You can’t keep playing the same stuff for eternity. Artists need to evolve and search for something new and Tokio Hotel do it in the best possible way. Can’t wait for all those album-related IG stories to merge into the next wonderful chapter of Tokio Hotel history and hope I’ll finally take part in the live experience ❤
        Another long comment, hope this one won’t be classified as spam XD


        1. WordPress didn’t read this comment as spam and I’m glad about it 😊
          I hope they announce all the stuff with extreme calm and later this year/earlier next one. I need to get money first 😅
          Humanoid will forever be one of those albums that anticipated an era in musical terms. If you listen to it now it has such a current sound but it was recorded 9 years ago.
          I don’t think the band will come back in arena and I’m glad of it. Playing in clubs is the right way for their kind of shows.
          Changing the name of the band isn’t the right move when people know you with that name for over a decade. Unfortunately the most part of people isn’t comfortable with changing and evolution but then can complain if an artist doesn’t change/evolve but when it happens they wish to come back in times. Most of people is never happy.


          1. I hope the tour will start sometime in late spring, I’ve already made a backup but all this hype and anticipation makes me stressed. My family keeps asking whether I really wanna go there on my own, but I’ve already said that I can’t miss them this time, even if it means starving for a whole day. Perhaps I’ll take my best friend to the concert, but she’s not sure yet for many reasons. She also listened to TH back in the day and now follows them again just like me.
            That’s right, their music is rather suitable for clubs, but my preference for larger venues started after being to a few gigs in various clubs here in Poland and the air conditioning sucked a lot (packed, hot, and those elbows everywhere). I don’t know about other countries XD
            People are never satisfied with anything. They always find a reason to complain. I hope this pointless hate will stop by the time TH have released a new album. No one is forced to love everything a band does, but spitting insults at them is just pitiful. Changing the name wouldn’t be a smart move. Even people who used to listen to them in the past are usually not aware that guys are still in the same team and active, so I’m afraid they’d get unrecognizable after switching to another name. I once told my friend I wanted to go to TH concert and she said “But they don’t play anymore!” and I was like “NOOO, THEY DO!”.
            I recently joined the official group for Polish Aliens 🙂


            1. I’m pretty sure there’s gonna be a tour in Spring, just like the previous two.
              Well it depends on the concert date and how many people are inside the venue. Just think about each person has an average temperature of 36/37°C so it’s obviously hot but it’s the same in an arena. But also in an open-air concert. Probably worst than an indoor venue.
              The reason to perform in clubs rather than in arena isn’t not only due to the music genre, but they said they wanted to get back to basics when they used to play in clubs before becoming famous and also because I’m not sure they would able to selling-out an arena like they used to 10 years ago. Especially if they choose to perform in so many city in the same country.
              Unfortunately the hate and the complain will never stop, Marlene. It’s kinda utopian. There will always be something the fandom has to complain, usually for insignificant stuff.
              The most part of people don’t know they are still a thing because they used to listen to them in 2007/2008 because they were the band of the moment and they were a trend. For some people works like that. There are only a few, including me, there were still here when they had a break and always looking for updates and stuff via BTK App, Tom’s gallery on their website, few of collaborations they did (If I Die Tomorrow, I Am), Bill and Tom as DSDS judges ect.


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