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#MusicMonday My favorite Tokio Hotel performance of each single – By Your Side

#MusicMonday is back, guys! I’m sorry for the little hiatus but it’s hard to balance with all the things when you are running a blog alone.

By the way, here’s my favorite By Your Side performance. Even though I prefer the German version, also the English one is magic. Love the lyrics and it helped me a lot in the past.

So, Rock In Rio 2008 in Lisbon is my favorite performance. Bill is so cute in the beginning of the video. And looking at that huge crowd singing the song is amazing.

What do you think of this performance? 

What’s your favorite By Your Side performance?


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2 thoughts on “#MusicMonday My favorite Tokio Hotel performance of each single – By Your Side

  1. Somehow, we happen to share the same favorite performances 😀 I’m not sure which language version I prefer because they’re both magical and the chorus always makes me cry, TH have that power to actually be by your side when you’re feeling down. I referred to this song while writing one of my poems dedicated to Bill. Zimmer 483/ Scream Era was so emotional overall, most of us can relate to the songs so painfully. I was really young when it came out (found out about Zimmer 483 via Bravo magazine) but I learned to value and listen to this album properly as an adult when my life kicked me in the ass and TH was once again sent from the heavens to help me. I remember listening to live versions of By Your Side / An deiner Seite in 2017 when I became an Alien again and I was wondering why I had left the band behind while no band had ever been ‘by my side’ like they had. Never felt so shitty for having forsaken the fandom, but also never been so glad to retrieve it. I was hoping this track would be included in the MP Tour. I’d love to hear Bill sing it after so many years but unfortunately, it’s not happening.


    1. Glad we share the same favorite performance.
      Yeah, Zimmer/Scream was such a lovely era and it forever be my fav beside Dream Machine. It would be cool if we could listen to this song in 2019. I guess Bill would sing better than ever with his mature and soft voice.


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