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It’s ABOUT YOU || Tokio Hotel Doku 1/3

Check out the first part of three of It's ABOUT YOU Tokio Hotel documentary of Melancholic Paradise Tour. In this first part we can check some behind the scenes from Paris show and the inconvinience with led walls. But the show must go on... English subs are on. https://youtu.be/oPF757e9-XI SOURCE: ABOUT YOU YouTube

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Tokio Hotel performing Melancholic Paradise on SternTV

Tokio Hotel performed Melancholic Paradise on SternTV last night in Cologne. Check it out:   https://youtu.be/X_r0w0H1Yu8 SOURCE   UPDATE - Bill and Tom Kaulitz interview https://youtu.be/sCgKXa6ChAs   What do you think about this performance?     Follow LTL on Instagram LTL Gallery

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Tokio Hotel IG Stories: we’re in love with some of your #mpdancechallenge videos 😍 who is next? post your own #mpdancechallenge video and let us see what you got 💥

https://twitter.com/forum_th_ru/status/1094648934256070659 SOURCE: Tokio Hotel Instagram