Tokio Hotel TV 2017 – The Dirty Thirty [Episode 10]

SOURCE: Tokio Hotel YouTube

My comment below the video:

Can’t believe Georg is 30. Time really flies, damn! Celebrating your own birthday on stage has to be really cool and definitely a birthday to remember. The 30 shape glasses are so funny 😀 I really hope Georg liked the gift my friend Elena and I made for him in Milan (a tshirt with “Keep Calm I’m 30” on it and a funny version of Georg drawn by me), we made this kind of tshirt for all of you, guys, we hope you appreciated the presents. By the way “Thanks For Existing Listing” is such an original and sweet idea.

PS: my mom said: “Georg is such an handsome boy and I love Tom’s smile” I think you appreciate this 😉

PS number 2: Happy birthday to Gustav’s baby girl ❤

Love you so much

Always yours,