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February 6, 2019 – Bill and Tom Kaulitz at Markus Lanz Talk Show [Berlin, DE]

Meanwhile we are waiting for HQ photos and Tokio Hotel performance at Markus Lanz talk show, check out these first photos of the twins. Credits to forum_th_ru FULL GALLERY

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#TokioHotelHistory February 6th

Hello guys! I'm a little bit late in the schedule with this post but here it is. I'm sorry if I let you wait. Meanwhile we are waiting for Tokio Hotel's performance at Markus Lanz today in Berlin, on this day - always in Berlin - Tokio Hotel attended Goldene Kamera. The band won Best… Continue reading #TokioHotelHistory February 6th

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[PHOTOS + VIDEOS] February 4, 2019 – Tokio Hotel’s Hollywood Tramp Interview [Berlin, DE]

Tokio Hotel are in Berlin promoting their new single Melancholic Paradise. Check out this BTS of the band interview at Hollywood Tramp. https://twitter.com/forum_th_ru/status/1092405091888435200 https://twitter.com/forum_th_ru/status/1092405266665144322 https://twitter.com/forum_th_ru/status/1092405349443874816 https://twitter.com/forum_th_ru/status/1092411199868813312 Credits to Hollywood Tramp + Benameur Promotion Instagram FULL GALLERY

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#TokioHotelHistory January 23rd

Hello guys! The last days are pretty quiet in Tokio Hotel world, just last day Bill went out with Sveva Alviti in LA but we don't have any more relevant update. For this reason are you ready to take a look on what happened on this day back in the years? TWELVE years ago, Tokio… Continue reading #TokioHotelHistory January 23rd

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#TokioHotelHistory January 21st

Hello guys and happy new beginning of the week, even though it's Blue Monday, we'll try to make it a happy one. Definitely it's a good Monday for me after all the good feedbacks I got from my IG polls of yesterday. Thanks so much guys for your unconditionally support, it really means the world… Continue reading #TokioHotelHistory January 21st

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September 13, 2018 – Bill & Tom Kaulitz and Georg Listing at Ballon Film Premiere [Berlin, DE]

The premiere took place at ZOO Palast Movie Theater near Tiergarten in Berlin. https://twitter.com/forum_th_ru/status/1040524424708059136 Credits to the owners FULL GALLERY

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Tokio Hotel Location: Feel It All Music Video

Hello guys, this week I wanna share with you some of Feel It All music video locations. It's definitely one of my favorite music videos for so many reason, find them out HERE. So one of the location is the Eis Fabrik Berlin, or 'Berlin Ice Factory' on Koepenickerstraße is an abandoned ice factory along… Continue reading Tokio Hotel Location: Feel It All Music Video