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Bill Kaulitz IG Stories: 2 more days until the sale of our new tour starts can’t wait to show you what’s coming! these are my costumes of our last show #melancholicparadise is coming

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2018 · Dream Machine World Tour 2017/2018 · Tokio Hotel

Treehouse Ticketing IG Post: We want to say „thank you“…to everyone who was part of this incredible journey #dreammachine🚀 Thank you to @tokiohotel and their amazing crew for having us! Thank you to every promoter in all the cities who supported us! Last but not least a big THANK YOU to all of you guys cause without you it wouldn’t have been possible…together we created unforgettable memories that’ll last forever… #tokiohotel #billkaulitz #tomkaulitz #georglisting #gustavschafer #thankyou

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2018 · Dream Machine World Tour 2017/2018 · IG Tokio Hotel · Instagram · Tokio Hotel

Tokio Hotel IG Post: We‘ll never forget ! Thank you guys for everything! What an amazing tour. After more than 60 shows we gonna go back to the studio and make some magic. We‘ll be back. Thanks for sharing the love and the music. #dreammachine 📸by @domiwizzl

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