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A day in Cologne with Bill Kaulitz: interviews, shootings and meeting fans

Bill Kaulitz spent a day in Cologne yesterday for some promo of their new single When It Rains It Pours. Check out some pictures and videos below from the backstage. The singer also met a fan. https://twitter.com/THWonderland/status/1114280180841893895 https://twitter.com/THWonderland/status/1114442863826350081 Credits to the owners FULL GALLERY Follow LTL on Instagram LTL Gallery

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#TokioHotelHistory March 11th

Hello guys and happy beginning of week. I'm sorry if I didn't share the post of March 10th yesterday, you can find all the reasons and the new direction of LTL blog in the post pinned on the top of the main page. For all the pictures, simply check LTL gallery as usual. By the… Continue reading #TokioHotelHistory March 11th

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#TokioHotelHistory March 9th

Hello guys and happy Saturday! I'm under the weather so I wanna apologize if my IG feed doesn't look so much updated but I'm feeling so mentally tired for some personal issues that it's hard to run all the stuff here. I hope to fix myself soon. By the way, take a look to what… Continue reading #TokioHotelHistory March 9th