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Tokio Hotel Rehearsals/Soundchecks Part II [2013 – 2017]

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Here I am with Tokio Hotel rehearsals/soundchecks part II from the first rehearsals and sessions for Kings of Suburbia to Dream Machine World Tour rehearsals in studio. Enjoy! Let me know in the comments below what you would like to see in the next weeks.   If you missed part I… Continue reading Tokio Hotel Rehearsals/Soundchecks Part II [2013 – 2017]

2015 · 2018 · Bill Kaulitz · Feel It All World Tour 2015

Chance Foreman IG Post: Looking back at the 2015 tour of Russa with Tokio Hotel. #beforetheshow #tokiohotel #aliens #worldtour #billkaulitz #showtime #tourlife #2015 #lookingback #THTV #video @billkaulitz @tokiohotel

SOURCE: Chance Foreman Instagram