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⚠️ Tokio Hotel 2018 US and Canada Tour Dates Postponed Due To Immigration & Logistic Issues

Due to unsolvable logistic issues with our live production, we unfortunately have to postpone our 2018 US and Canada tour dates. Our team is currently in talks to find new dates… …but as long as there are no new dates set, the local promoters and Treehouse will refund all tickets and upgrades. We are very sorry for any inconvenience this might cause.

Tokio Hotel via Twitter

I hope people understand that if they just announced this now is because they were in talks with promoters and venues. And if all that takes 20 hours is because these kind of stuff needs time since are pretty complicated and you can’t solve it in five minutes.  Actually I don’t know why venues spread the word before the band and it’s not the first time. Local promoters started to sell tickets before the band announcement. I’ve never saw any local promoter selling tickets before the artist announcement. So when it happened with US sale I was like: WTF?

It’s not about defending this or that. It’s ok to be sad and angry because the tour is postponed and a lot of fans were waiting to see them after such a long time or it could be the very first time to attend to one of their show, I completely understand that but it’s the way you say things. By the way, I just wanna say that if they talked about logistic issues is because there’s probably something wrong with organization (stage, lights ect.), probably something between venues and promoters that have an agreement and sometimes can’t work due to payments, unsatisfying contractual conditions, lack of communication and other kind of stuff. If one of the two parts disagreed with one of these points can decide to cancel the concert.

[I know these kind of stuff because I studied them so if you need to know more feel free to ask, I’ll try my best to give you a simple answer]

Two years ago in Santiago of Chile the band still had to land that local promoter cancelled the date and the guys met fans with VIP packages and played some songs in acoustic. Same in Russia and Mexico in 2010 for venue issues if I remember right. It was a couple of dates and not a whole tour but it always happened from night to day. Also when Bill was operated the most part of tour wasn’t postponed until the end. All these cases are different but happened from one day to another.

Talking about a reason of unsold tickets that floated around the web… In Padua we were just 1/4 of the full capacity and the concert wasn’t moved in another location neither cancelled. I think with the VIP upgrade gross they paid the venue rent and for this reason the venue remained the same. So I don’t think it’s that the main reason even though scheduling a concert in Los Angeles and in Anaheim in two days is kinda “risky” but in general the venues weren’t so big and usually if they aren’t sold out they usually put tarps to make the venue smaller. (They did it when I saw Jack Garratt in Milan last year in the same venue Tokio Hotel played twice in the last two tours). And once again if they sold enough VIP upgrades is enough to pay each venue rent or they can move it in another one.

I’m sure new dates will be announced as soon as possible.


Also VIP upgrades will be refund within the next 14 days.



Thanks @tokiohotelusa and @THOIF_Official



3 thoughts on “⚠️ Tokio Hotel 2018 US and Canada Tour Dates Postponed Due To Immigration & Logistic Issues

  1. We have been fans for years and have introduced many to your music here in Tennessee. I was so excited that you were coming near in Atlanta, GA – and the day before my birthday!! Then we found out that my German sister (exchange student) was killed in a tragic accident. Now you guys had to cancel the USA Tour. I am heart-broken! Please keep us posted when we can see you!


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